The Triple Crown of Canmore

SherwinCalaluan_ExperienceCanmore_2015_1Are you up for the Challenge?

To conquer the challenge, hikers need to take on each of the three trails, get a photo at each summit, and post those photos to The Georgetown Inn’s Facebook page. Once the photos are posted, stop in at The Georgetown and check in with one of our staff members to claim your prize! Conquerors win a beer mug that gets you discounts on refills at The Georgetown and will have their name added to The Triple Crown of Canmore Glory Board, located on the Georgetown’s website.

Conquerors can also choose to purchase a Triple Crown t-shirt for $15 plus tax with a portion of proceeds going to the Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sports Centre, a local charity whose mission is to enable all individuals with physical, developmental, and/or cognitive challenges to participate, learn and excel in all sports and recreational activities in the Canadian Rockies. No Limits! Check out for more info, to make a donation, or to fill out a sponsorship form before you take on the challenge.

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East End of Rundle
Distance: 6km / 3.7mi (round trip)
Time: 2 to 5 hours Elevation Gain: 900m / 2,953’

A moderate hike leading you to the South Summit of Mt. Rundle. Several of the routes will require attention to footing as loose rocks and steep inclines may bring some unsteadiness. Just below the summit is a nearly level area at 2,300m (7,546ft) known as “The Bench”.  At this point, have a rest and a snack while taking in the incredible scenery; grab a photo to submit to The Georgetown’s Facebook page before heading back down.


Ha Ling Peak
Distance: 6km / 3.7mi (round trip)
Time: 1.5 to 4 hours Elevation Gain: 700m / 2,297’

Ha Ling has become one of the more popular trails in Canmore due to less laborious inclines and can take anywhere from ninety minutes to four hours. The hike meanders through the forest and then leads to steeper territory. Once you reach the summit, you will gain a stunning bird’s eye view of Canmore.


Lady MacDonald (to the Tea House)
Distance: 8km / 5mi (round trip)
Time: 4 to 7 hours (plan a full day) Elevation Gain: 800m / 2,625’

This hike is best attempted starting in April. The hike will take between four and seven hours to reach the Shoulder at 2,300m (7,546ft); here you will have the opportunity to view the foundations and helipad of what would have been a tourist tea-house which was abandoned due to the noise-pollution it would have created for the town of Canmore. The Triple Crown challenge only requires that you reach the tea house, if you wish to reach the summit, the trail continues on loose shale for about thirty minutes.