Another Great Hike Idea for a Hot Day!

Check out Jura Creek and Canyon out on Hwy #1A just 2.4 km east of Exshaw – park on the south side of the highway at the Greymont cement plant entrance. You’ll see the dirt trail directly across the road that leads up and into the cool, watery canyon. Wear sturdy sandals to enjoy sloshing, rock hopping and crossing log jams up through the creek as you head into a pretty little valley. Near the end of the trail, keep right.  Where the trail seems to end you can climb a small steep bouldery section and see ancient first nations pictographs there. A new favourite of ours. Kids and dogs love it too! (2-4 hrs, 7 km round trip, easy, no elevation gain). >DS

The start of the creek leading into the canyon

Canyon fun.

Wading up the canyon

Trailhead across the highway from where you park

Johnston Canyon Photo Ops

It was a great day to visit Johnston Canyon today. The water flow is amazing, the crowds still relatively light and the weekend might be your last opportunity to enjoy it before the summer season starts in full swing. See you Out’n About! >DS

Nice Day for an Ice Walk?

Ever been up Grotto Canyon? Well, it’s warming up again here in Canmore and a ice walk just might be the ticket. Took the teenagers up a few days ago and they loved it! You can slip and slide all the way up and down or wear attachable cleats or crampons on your boots to avoid a fall. The canyon walls and ice falls are very pretty and look for ancient indian pictographs on the left side canyon wall about 2/3rds the way up. To get there, take the 1A highway highway east from Canmore 12 kms. Just past Gap Lake, look for the green “BayMag 2” plant entrance sign and turn left into the plant but drive straight ahead and park along the gravel side road. Walk along the side road west past the plant and look for the brown hiker trail sign pointing right that leads up to the canyon walk. Enjoy!