Ice Climbing & Ice Walks

Ice Climbing ‘n Ice Walks

    (note: make sure everyone wears crampons or spike fittings on their boots for ice walks)

    • Grotto Canyon

      Grotto Canyon is a popular ice walk and ice climb excursion that’s very close to Canmore. Often mountain sheep can be seen along the 1A highway enroute. Our kids love to bring their sleds and sled down the canyon and trail back to the parking area for fun. There are tons of nooks and crannies to explore along the way. Look for ancient Indian pictographs about 2/3rds of the way up the canyon on your left.

    • Cascade Falls Banff

      The Cascade waterfall, WI-3, is a classic for the Banff area. It is approximately 1000 feet of extremely accessible waterfall ice right off of the Trans-Canada Highway at the first Banff exit as you come from Canmore. It also could be one of the most viewed waterfall ice climbs in North America.

    • Johnston Canyon

      Another popular ice walk and/or climb, Johnson Canyon has some stunning scenery to reward you with as you walk up the canyon.

      There are a number of ice-climbing tour companies available in the area to take you out and many more climbs to do – enjoy!