Photographer’s Passion

I once read from a famous photographer that to take beautiful photos, go to a beautiful place and wait for the right light conditions.  Well you can’t get a much more beautiful place than the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the spectacular views found all around.

There’s a multitude of subjects to photograph here: sunrises and sunsets, events, nature photos including animals, flowers, canyons, rivers, waterfalls, ground cover, clouds, and the incredible peaks that form the valley we enjoy.  There are seasonal photos, mood photos, and photos of people participating in various events and activities.  And there’s weddings.  Almost every weekend in the summer at least one or more weddings take place, most in outdoor locations and at venues around town.  There’s always something going on and always new eyes to see it.

When I first travelled to the Rocky Mountains of Canada, I took endless numbers of photos.  And yet, each of the results was flat and looked two-dimensional, only a mediocre representation of the breathless wonder I was trying to capture.  Over the years, I’ve learned techniques that use the light to generate shadows, the use of telephoto lenses to increase the depth of field and a focus on my subject that creates mood and illuminates what you are seeing and your unique perspective.  And I’m not the only one.  The Rocky Mountains attract large numbers of professional and amateur photographers.  Ask around and you will find someone to provide advice, someone to hire to capture your special event, someone to recommend places and spaces to take incredible shots and someone to share your photographic skills with.

Living in this unending beauty that is in constant change, provides new perspectives.  As a photographer it is your point of view that is critical to generating phenomenal photos.  How you frame the photo, the angle you take the photo from, the micro vs. macro view of your surroundings, the depth of perception with the use of foreground and background distances to generate dimensions, the lighting you use to highlight shadows or create a sense of the breathless magnificence surrounding you.  There’s an endless supply of advice, learning opportunities and places to practice while you are exploring or experiencing the activities or events of the season.

Whether you take your photos with your iPhone or Android device, or use a DSL camera with sophisticated lenses and filters etc., your photos can record a memory, be posted globally across the Internet, or can become something truly special.  So bring your camera when you travel to Canmore, you will be forever grateful that you did.  Just be careful when you use your selfie stick that you don’t walk off the edge of the cliff you are standing on or fall over a bridge!  And please, please, please respect the wildlife around you, they are wild and this is their wilderness. Be safe out there!