The Georgetown Inn featuring a new Menu!!!

New Menu Announced at the Georgetown Inn

The pub is known for their award winning fish & chips which are known as the best in the Bow Valley and which are staying on the menu. Be sure to ask for a pint of guiness to compliment the halibut or basa…..

The best part of this summer menu is the new salads that one can enjoy on their “English Garden” inspired patio (if these rains ever stop and we get any sun!). June has been very rainy but at least it is looking up for July.

You can go anywhere in Canmore and have salad… but there are three “standout” salads on this new menu are to die for.

The Champagne Salad is a fresh arugula (no not a bitter one), crisped prosciutto and goat cheese toasts. All topped with a champagne dressing made in their kitchen. Wow what a combo of flavours!!

Next the Farmhouse Salad which is chock full of greens, veggies and protein. Roast beef, ham, chicken, cottage cheese on a bed of greens!!

The Miner’s Lamp Salad is what I call a “brain food” salad. With muscle building spinach, goats cheese, roasted almonds, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mandarin sections and quinoa (hence brain food) all covered in avocado dressing. Wow is the word for this salad!!

Out of the 6 salads on the menu the above are my favourite. Especially with their homemade dressings like avacado or the balsalmic. Great for any time of the year!!!
I like the fact that they have added a Rib Eye steak grilled to your liking! There’s a man’s favourite!

The “Mussel Fridays” are fantastic, they pair wonderfully with white wines. I prefer a half litre myself. The seasonings change every week and the best part if you cannot make it for Friday it is now on their new menu. As a compliment if you love seafood like I do, order the prosciutto wrapped scallops or their fish cakes with a mouth-bursting dipping sauce!!! Need I say more?

I cannot forget though to mention their breakfasts which are included in a night’s stay if you are an out of Towner spending the night. I recommend their full English breakfast served with baked beans, that’s a real English twist and is a great way to start your day. If you are a fan of French Toast be prepared for it to be “STUFFED”. Yes stuffed…….four different ways! Caramelized apples, fresh oranges with pecans and triple sec, mixed berries and cream cheese or swiss cheese and black forest ham! Again I use the word “stuffed” which is how you will feel after eating this. The French Toast is accompanied by real maple syrup from Quebec to smother your French toast with, none of that fake stuff here! Once again: “STUFFED”.

The service is amazing and the best part is the Pub Manager is an authentic British gentleman. Dorian comes straight from England and he will be “gutted” if you don’t come down and try out their breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

So I may have just gained ten pounds but that is what the Triple Crown Challenge is for right? To work off the mouth-watering new items by taking their hiking challenges!!

Triple Crown :: Launch Party – Guest Speaker Announced! Sunday June 17 ! Free Event!

Well now you know all about the Triple Crown of Canmore from our previous blog posts! Come join us THIS SUNDAY at 2PM. We will have Free live music from Cabots Crossing, Beer & Burger specials and our amazing guest speaker Amy Trofimuk will be joining us. Amy is a local to Canmore but moved to the big city when her comedian act started getting noticed! Amy is an inspiring speaker, hilarious comedian as well as a wonderful activist for the Canmore Community.
Come listen to her speak about The Triple Crown on Canmore, gain some wisdom, have a laugh and enjoy our sunny picturesque patio!

Where: 1101 Bow Valley Trail
When: Sunday June 17, 2012
Time: 2 PM
Cost: Complimentary!
What: The Best Kick Off Party in Canmore!

Canmore Hotels use Uncommon Sense to Help Save the Environment!

Hotels The Georgetown Inn , Mystic Springs & Silver Creek Lodge love to take care of their guests. The Waymarker Hospitality philosophy is: everyone deserves a good meal, a good sleep and an intrinsically rewarding outdoor adventure. While it is wonderful to enjoy the environment is it also important to these hotels to respect nature and minimize our carbon footprint – which is why they have partnered with Uncommon Sense Business Leadership for a Sustainable Future. The US is dedicated to preserving the world’s climate, ecosystems, health and energy by increasing operations efficiencies and reducing company waste, pollutants, water & energy consumption.

Click here to visit and see what we are proudly participating in to help preserve the environment

The Triple Crown of Canmore :: Launch Party! – what it’s all about

The Georgetown Inn would like to invite you to join them this Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 2PM for the great kick-off to the hiking season! This is a wonderful way to spend time with your father on Father’s Day. We will have complimentary live music from Cabot’s Crossing, Guest Speakers and Beer and Burger specials!

If you’re feeling really ambitious you can get started on your hikes that morning or afternoon! And remember there is no time limit on completing the 3 hikes. If you’re a hardcore hiking enthusiast you can do all three in one day (like my crazy little brothers did) or if you like to stop and smell the flowers you can enjoy the hikes at a slower pace throughout the summer.

The Triple Crown is all about having an intrinsically rewarding experience. Waymarker CEO, Lockey Craig is quoted saying, “It’s about having a good sleep, a good adventure and a good meal. Everyone deserves it! That’s how my mother took care of me and my two brothers and that’s how I want to take care of my guests, which is why we started The Triple Crown.”

So make sure you bring your dad’s out and get some tips on how to truly enjoy the beautiful rocky mountains that are right in our backyard. I know that’s where I’ll be!

-Natalie Craig

ps. click on the images below for more information about the three hikes and a Hiking Map!

If you want to read our last years Triple Crown Blog about some great hiking experiences click the link and scroll down!

Triple Crown of Canmore Map